USA wins bid to hold the Presidency of the International Gas Union (IGU) and host the World Gas Conference 2018, in Washington, DC

Thank you to everyone who voted. Thank you for your support!

The USA and the American Gas Association (AGA) are delighted to hold the Presidency of the International Gas Union (IGU) from 2015-2018, culminating in hosting the 2018 World Gas Conference in Washington, DC in June 2018.

Our core focus of the 2015-2018 Presidency will be:

  • Raising the IGU VOICE
  • Increasing the VISIBILITY of IGU
  • Providing even greater VALUE to IGU members

We believe that the USA & AGA are uniquely positioned to lead and serve IGU and the global gas industry. The privilege that is leading IGU depends on much more than which city or country is best qualified to host the World Gas Conference. It is really about who is best positioned to continue to promote the long-term strategic vision of IGU, and to truly position gas as the fuel of today AND tomorrow.  We believe that around the globe, natural gas should be considered as a foundation fuel—a fuel that represents the long term foundation of an affordable lower carbon energy supply.

The IGU vision is to be the leading global gas industry association by advocating on behalf of the industry.  With the exciting, game-changing developments in the USA with unconventional gas – not to mention our wealth of experience in both LNG and conventional gas – we feel that the USA & AGA are ready to truly advance that vision.   

2018 will be the 100th anniversary of AGA!  What better way to mark this key milestone than by hosting the 27th World Gas Conference.


Our four key messages:

  • We hope to advance the vision of the International Gas Union, by raising the IGU VOICE, increasing the VISIBILITY of IGU, and providing even greater VALUE to the IGU members
  • Our Team for the 2015-2018 Triennium is designed to serve IGU members with energy industry expertise, association leadership knowledge and gas industry advocacy experience
  • As a gas producing and consuming nation, and a leader in technological innovation, the USA is uniquely positioned to serve the global gas industry
  • Washington DC can bring together the world’s energy leaders to celebrate the 2018 World Gas Conference, to build on the 80-year tradition of IGU and to develop the global gas industry legacy and vision for the future

The vote took place at the IGU Council meeting on Thursday 6th October 2011 in Croatia.

The USA team would like to thank everyone who voted.

We would be very pleased in getting your thoughts and comments on how best IGU can grow and serve your needs over the coming years.

You can contact our team at jcopan@wgc2018usabid.com